EVOLVE (https://seg.org/EVOLVE) is a Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG, https://seg.org/) 6-months program, aiming to find the best investment opportunity on the Cooper Basin (Queensland, Australia), selected as a UNIPG study site for this 2021 edition (January-June).

This academic program offers to students the possibility to work on Geophysical and Geological (G&G) data with a multidisciplinary approach and using Energy Industry software specifically developed for exploration and production purposes. The program is developed under the close supervision of EVOLVE-SEG mentors and University professors. It is the third consecutive year that a team of students of the Dipartimento di Fisica e Geologia – Università degli Studi di Perugia – is selected in Italy (https://www.eageseg.org/?s=perugia).

Despite the limitations of this pandemic period, during the program development, the students have the opportunity to remotely meet and collaborate with other 16 Teams from many worldwide Universities (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnUN0leCdRw&t=1409s, see UNIPG team presentation at min 23.50) exchanging information, best practices and solutions.

The seven team members joining the Evolve 2021 edition are students with different backgrounds (geologists, geophysicists and engineers) presently attending the Master Course of Geology for Energy Resources at our University.

MSc in Geology for Energy Resources NEW! (unipg.it)

The program dataset consists in wide amount of geospatial, geologic and geophysical data, including two 3D seismic volumes, 541 seismic reflection lines and 28 wells drilled in the Southwestern part of the Cooper Basin. An important new of this year program is to investigate the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) techniques, and define a CCS plan considering the Australian regulations (carbon taxes and other policies).

The EVOLVE/SEG project is surely an excellent opportunity to get participants in the environment of Energy Resources Industry and to proudly represent UNIPG and Italy in this international program with our international team of students!

The EVOLVE 2021 Team members: Anastassiya Shevelyova (Geophysicist, Kazakhstan), Alessandro Pascazio (Geologist, Italy), Abdelmjid Zeroual (Geologist, Morocco), Elvin Babayev (Petreoleum Engineer, Azerbaijan), Pedro Delforge (Geophysicist and Petrophysicist, Brazil), Onat Yakisik (Reservoir Engineer, Turkey), and the added team member Frank Thomas (Petroleum Geologist, India), former team leader in 2020, now responsible of the CCS program. University Supervisors: Dr. Maurizio Ercoli, Prof. Giorgio Minelli and Dr. Assel Akimbekova (president of the UNIPG SEG Student Chapter Association).