Subsurface & the Energy Transition: Challenging the Status Quo

With gas and advantaged oil continuing to underpin evolving energy portfolios for decades to come and the need for carbon storage rising, coupled with growing footprints in renewable energy such as wind and geothermal, the need for subsurface talent will remain strong.

EAGE GeoTech 2022 plans to bring together a diverse audience of experts to focus on key challenges across the subsurface domain. This year’s workshops will seek to address how we optimise our maturing fields, advance the dial in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and explore the role of fibre in monitoring and verification.


The topics for EAGE GeoTech 2022 are listed below. For detailed topics list please visit the individual workshop pages.

Sixth EAGE Workshop on CO2 Geological Storage

  1. Industrial-scale CO2 storage projects – beyond demonstration;
  2. Storage hub concept – upscaling from 1 MTpa to 10 MTpa and beyond;
  3. Saline Aquifer Storage;
  4. Depleting and Depleted Hydrocarbon Field Storage;
  5. Storage Monitoring;
  6. Storage Safety; 
  7. Strategic priorities and future evolution of the CCUS industry.

Third EAGE Workshop on Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing

  1. Surveillance;
  2. Geotechnical;
  3. Integration;
  4. Flow Measurements;
  5. Current Challenges and Needs;
  6. New Emerging Applications.

First EAGE Workshop on Reservoir Management of Mature Fields

  1. Wells;
  2. Reservoir; 
  3. Production monitoring and surveillance;
  4. Optimal modelling techniques for mature fields;
  5. Production data analytics;
  6. Net-Zero options;
  7. Decomissioning;
  8. Case studies;
  9. New skills and approaches for the energy transition. 


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