Multibeam Mapping with Clara Smart & Nicole Raineault | Nautilus Live

Pubblicato il 14 gen 2015

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SEG – The Role of Geoscience in the Energy Transition

Geosciences are the core of the energy transition. It is within geological formations that high value oil and gas, a critical enabler, has formed, is explored for, and exploited. It is also within geological formations that wind turbines are founded, carbon dioxide will be stored, and other energy sources and critical minerals are found. Industry geoscientists will be highly relevant in the transition as only industry has the industrial capacity, technical and commercial human resources, financial capability, and project execution skills to facilitate the energy transition.

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Multibeam Mapping

Learn more about the hull-mounted Kongsberg multibeam mapping sonar on E/V Nautilus which helps researchers understand the structure of the seafloor and identify dive targets for Ocean Exploration Trust’s remotely operated vehicles.