The current Board of Directors is represented by:

Nicola Pajola (Past President)


Nicola Pajola, geologist, is currently “Global Geophysics Advisor forAmericas, Northern Europe, Russia, FSU and West Africa” in Eni Upstream and Technical Services with over 25 years of experience. He has covered various positions in Italy and abroad within the oil exploration area in Eni.
Among recent experiences, he held the role of Seismic Planning & Feasibility Study Manager in Eni Milano, Geophysical Operations Manager at Agip KCO, Kazakhstan, Seismic Operations Manager n Eni Milano and Geoscience Manager and Global Geophysics Advisor for Americas at Eni Petroleum, Houston, Tx.
He is Chartered Geologist at the Geological Society of London.
He held the role of Vice President of the Italian EAGE-SEG section in the 2018-2020 period.
In addition to technical skills, he also developed management skills, holding the role of Area Knowledge Coordinator for the professional geophysical family.


Andrea Tognarelli (President)


Andrea Tognarelli graduated in 2007 at the University of Pisa. He has worked at the University Consortium for Research Geophysics from 1 October 2008 to 20 December 2011.
Since 2011 he has been working at the University of Pisa as Assistant Professor. He teaches the course Laboratory of Seismic Acquisition and Processing and Fondamenti di Geofisica at the Earth Sciences Department of Pisa.
Experiences: 2D/3D marine and land data analysis and processing; Analysis and processing of multicomponent data; Full Waveform Inversion of marine and land data; Sub-basalt data analysis; Array simulation; Focusing analysis; Wavelet-based analysis; Machine Learning.
Computer skills: Linux and Linux Cluster administrator, Matlab, Bash scripting, SeisSpace ProMax 2D/3D.


Davide Della Moretta (Vice President)

Davide Della Moretta graduated from the University of Milan in Geology in 2001 with a master thesis on seismic reflection tomography.
He then worked on the same topics as research assistant at University of Milan and as intern in Total.
In 2005 he joined Eni as seismic processor.
During his career in Eni he has occupied several technical and managerial positions in geophysics, R&D, geology.
Since 2017 he is the manager of the Basin Geology studies.


Michela Giustiniani (Treasurer)

Michela Giustiniani graduated in geological sciences in 1999 at Roma University and received her PhD in applied geophysics from the University of Trieste, where she developed a study on the characterization of georesources through the application of geophysical methods. From November 2000 to October 2001, she worked, as visiting researcher, at the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Lancaster (UK). The topic of the study concerned the application of flow and transport models to study the diffusion of contaminants. In particular, the study focused on the diffusion of contaminants in near-surface aquifers.

Since 2005, she has been working at the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics – OGS, where she is a researcher involved in the application of seismic data analysis techniques in various context, such as the study of sediments containing free gas and gas hydrate, the characterization of aquifers, the analysis of the elastic properties of shallow marine sediments, the characterization of geothermal fields, and the study of the effects of fluids in overpressure condition.

She has been actively involved in the study of aquifer characterization through the application of geophysical methods, both during her PhD and in the framework of European projects, such as the CAMI project, which was selected as one of the three best LIFE projects on water. For years she has been involved in the study of gas hydrates, both through the application of geophysical methods and simulations and theoretical models, participating in national and international projects. In this context, she has been collaborating for years with international research institutions in different countries, such as China, Chile and Turkey.

Part of her research activity is focused on the application of advanced techniques for the analysis of marine and land seismic data with different resolution, with particular attention to the application of wave equation dating (WED). This technique has been applied in various contexts, such as shallow and crustal seismic data analysis, to attenuate noise, such as ground roll, and improve imaging.
She has supervised Ph.D., M.S., and undergraduate students in the frame of European and other international projects. She has participated in several geophysical data campaigns. She has been convenor of several sessions in different conferences, such as the National Group of Solid Earth Geophysics (GNGTS). She is the author of many scientific articles in international journals, book chapters, and conference presentations.


Luca Masnaghetti (Officer)

I received my master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2005. After a short experience in the Italian defense industry, I joined Geosystem in 2006 as Electromagnetic geophysicist. After the acquisition of Geosystem by Schlumberger, I held positions as senior geophysicist, research and development manager, geophysics team manager, and data processing and interpretation manager at the Multiphysics Center of Excellence in Milan.
I am currently the manager of the Milan Center and in charge of multiphysics and seismic reservoir characterization worldwide businesses for Schlumberger Geosolutions. The center develops and applies novel workflows and techniques for the integration of seismic, potential field and electromagnetic data. I am also the focal point for any subsurface imaging and characterization initiative for geothermal resource exploration.
I am a member of EAGE and SEG, with several contributions to international conferences and workshops.


Daniela Lagomarsino (Officer)

Daniela Lagomarsino in 2006 graduated in Physics with honors at the University of Roma Tre with the thesis “Chemical-physical measurements in Gran Sasso aquifer: correlation with the seismicity of the Central Apennines”. In 2010 she obtained a PhD in physical modelling for environmental protection at the University of Bologna, with a thesis on the comparison of methods for the development of aquifer vulnerability maps. From 2011 to 2014 she worked at the University of Firenze – Earth Science Department as a research fellow, studying issues related to soil deformation analysis systems and the development of vulnerability maps and landslides rainfall thresholds. She participated at numerous national and international projects on emergency management and landslides monitoring by means of also remote sensing data. In 2014 she hired by Eni as a geodynamic specialist, and she deals with geomorphological risk assessment and the application of remote sensing techniques for geodynamic and environmental monitoring. Since 2018 in Eni she coordinated the “Remote sensing, site and geodynamics studies and modeling” group, which deals with site characterization, definition and monitoring of geological risk, acquisition and analysis of remote sensing data. This multidisciplinary team works to support exploration, development and energy transition projects. Since 2019 she is accredited Chartered Scientist by the Geological Society of Londo


Federico Cella (Communication and University Relations)
Federico Cella is Associate Professor in Applied Geophysics, at the School of Sciences and Technologies – of the University of Camerino, Italy.
His research field is mainly in potential field processing and interpretation, including:
− Inversion methods of potential fields and multi-scale techniques applied to the boundary analysis and 3D imaging of source distributions;
− 2D/3D modeling of volcanic/tectonic crustal structures and seismogenic fault geometries; − High resolution potential field surveys for near surface geophysics;
EAGE and GNGTS member and Associate Editor of the ISI journals Near Surface Geophysics (EAGE) and Journal of Applied Geophysics (Elsevier).
Awarded with (a) the “EGS Young Scientists’ Publication Award 2000” of the European Geophysical Society (coauthor of the awarded publication) and (b) the Loránd Eötvös Award 2010, April 14, 2010, of the European Association of the Geophysicists and Engineers (EAGE).
Invited lectures at China University of Geosciences, Beijin, at China University of Geosciences, Wuhan and at Gran Sasso Science Institute for the 105th SIF National Congress 23-27 September 2019.
Author of about 80 international publications on ISI Journal/book chapters and conferences.
Coordinator of RESEARCH PROJECTS: (1) MIUR PRIN 2005 (D.M. n. 291-22.12.2005); (2) MIUR PRIN 2009 (4-07-2011 n. 404/ric).
ASN habilitation as full professor from 28/08/2018.


Marco Mariotti (Secretary and Social Media Manager)
Marco Mariotti has been supporting the board of directors since January 2020, as a University Relations Specialist.
Marco received a Bsc in Geology and a Msc in Exploration and Applied Geophysics at the University of Pisa, respectively in 2015 and 2018. In the autumn of 2017 he carried out an internship at Eni aimed at the study of a super -giant in Venezuela. In 2018 he worked at I.D.S Georadar for a post-graduate internship, carrying out Customer Care and post-sales assistance tasks. During this experience, he works with Leica Geosystems CH for a study in collaboration with the Federal Swiss Railways. Furthermore, he participates in INTERGEO 2018 as an exhibitor.
In 2019, Marco was hired by Eni’s Upstream Technical Services Division for exploration as a Junior Geophysicist, starting to work in the field of Seismic Inversion. In January 2021 he obtained a Master in Finance at the 24Ore Business School cum laude.
In December 2021 he graduated for the “MBA Essential” course at the London School and Economics and Political Science”. In July 2022, he assumed the role of Exploration Assurance and Compliance Advisor at Eni S.p.a., becoming a member of the mining risk validation team within the Exploration Planning and Control structure. In January 2023 he was appointed by the board of the Italian EAGE SEG Section as Secretary and Social Media Manager.