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Congress Proceedings EGM 2007 e 2010

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Past Seminars



  • Fondazione: 5 giugno 2001 a Trieste
  • 20° Convegno GNGTS / 1° Convegno della Sezione Italiana EAGE-SEG. Roma, 6-8 novembre, con 476 partecipanti


  • Conferenza Internazionale “RealMod – Modelling Reality, The Reality of Modelling” organizzato per conto di ENI – Agip, S. Donato Milanese, 2-4 ottobre, con 150 partecipanti
  • 21° Convegno GNGTS / 2° Convegno della Sezione Italiana EAGE-SEG. Roma, 19-21 novembre, con 533 partecipanti


22° Convegno Nazionale GNGTS / 3° Convegno della Sezione Italiana EAGE-SEG. Roma, 18-20 novembre, con 544 partecipanti


  • International Conference “GeoMod 2004 – From Mountains to Sedimentary Basins: Modelling and Testing Geological Processes”, 9-11 giugno, Emmetten (Svizzera), con 130 partecipanti
  • “1st International Earth Science Film Festival”. Award Ceremony, 13 novembre, Trieste, per film presentati al 32° International Geological Congress, a Firenze
  • GeoSur 2004 – International Symposium on the Geology and Geophysics of the Southernmost Andes, the Scotia Arc and the Antarctic Peninsula, 22-23 novembre, con un Post-Symposium Field Trip alla Tierra del Fuego (24-27 novembre), con 137 partecipanti
  • 23° Convegno GNGTS / 4° Convegno della Sezione Italiana EAGE-SEG. Roma, 14-16 dicembre, con 500 partecipanti


  • 1st EAGE-SEG Distinguished Lecture Programme – Dr. Derecke Palmer – “Advancing Shallow Refraction Seismology with the GRM and the RCS”. Roma, 14 novembre
  • 24° Convegno GNGTS / 5° Convegno della Sezione Italiana EAGE-SEG. Roma, 15-17 novembre, con 555 partecipanti


  • 2nd EAGE-SEG Distinguished Lecture Programme – Prof. A.J. Berkhout – “Removing and Using Multiple Scattering”. Roma, 27 novembre
  • 25° Convegno GNGTS / 6° Convegno della Sezione Italiana EAGE-SEG. Roma, 28-30 novembre, con 670 partecipanti


  • EGM 2007 International Workshop – “Innovation in EM, Grav and Mag Methods: a new Perspective for Exploration”. Capri, 16-18 aprile, con 151 partecipanti
  • 26° Convegno GNGTS / 7° Convegno della Sezione Italiana EAGE-SEG. Roma, 13-15 novembre, con 620 partecipanti
  • 1° Torneo italiano ed europeo “SEG Challenge Bowl”. Roma, 14 novembre


  • 27° Convegno GNGTS / 8° Convegno della Sezione Italiana EAGE-SEG. Trieste, 6-8 Ottobre, con 390 partecipanti
  • 2° Torneo italiano “SEG Challenge Bowl”. Trieste, 6 Ottobre


  • 28° Convegno GNGTS / 9° Convegno della Sezione Italiana EAGE-SEG. Trieste, 16-18 Novembre, con 400 partecipanti
  • 3° Torneo italiano “SEG Challenge Bowl”. Trieste, 17 Novembre


  • EGM 2010 International Workshop
  • Honorary Lecture: Deep Gravity-Long Wavelengths and Measured Moho S. Webb (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg) Apr 11th 2010
  • SEG Spring 2010 Distinguished Lecture: Robust Workflows for Seismic Reservoir Characterization P. Connolly (BP) Mar 29th 2010
  • SEG Europe 2010 Honorary Lecture: Talking and Listening to Reservoirs: Production Monitoring by Active and Passive Seismic A. Vesnaver (OGS) Feb 1st 2010
  • SEG Fall Distinguished Lecture: Lessons Learned from Simultaneous Source Investigations C. J. Beasley (Western Geco) Jan 21th 2010
  • Modern Seismic Imaging: a Review of the Techniques, Their Principles, Merits and Limitations E. Robein (Total) Feb 25th 2010
  • Seismic Acquisition from Yesterday to Tomorrow J. Meunier (CGGVeritas) Nov 11th 2010
  • Geophysics under Stress: Geomechanical Applications of Seismicand Borehole Acoustic Waves C.M. Sayers (Western Geco) Nov 17th 2010


  • Distinguished Lecture: Virtual Source Method for Imaging and Monitoring Below Complex Overburden A. Bakulin (Saudi Aramco) May 2nd 2011
  • SEG Honorary Lecture: Integrating Well Log, Seismic, and CSEM Data for Reservoir Characterization L. MacGregor (Rock Solid Images) January 24th 2011
  • Seismic Geomechanics J. Herwanger (Western Geco) May 13th 2011


  • SEG Spring Distinguished Lecture: A Brief History of Depth … and Time Imaging S. Gray (CGGVeritas) March 21st 2012
  • SEG Fall Distinguished Lecture: Imaging the Earth’s Near-Surface: The Why and How of Applied Geophysics for the 21st Century  – D. Oldenburg (University of British Columbia) March 13th 2012


  • Making a Difference with 4D: Practical Applications of Time-Lapse Seismic Data D. Johnston (ExxonMobil) June 24st 2013
  • SEG Fall Distinguished Lecture:       Acquisition modeling: Expect the unexpected C. Regone (Contractor, Houston) October 14th 2013
  • SEG Spring Distinguished Lecture: Seismic interferometry and beyond: Harvesting signal from coherent noise G.T. Schuster (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia) March 21st 2013


  • Fracturing: Improved Engineering of Unconventional Shale Reservoirs Shawn Maxwell (Image) July 2014
  • SEG Honorary Lecture: Full waveform inversion of seismic data Laurent Sirgue (Total, Pau, France) May 2014


  • Wave Equation Receiver Deghosting: A New Approach to Deghosting P-wave only Data Craig Beasley (WesternGeco) July 2015
  • SEG Fall Distinguished Lecture:       Full-waveform inversion: Challenges, opportunities, and impact D. Bevc (Chevron) Oct 2015
  • Wave Equation Receiver Deghosting: A New Approach to Deghosting P-wave only Data Craig Beasley (WesternGeco) July 2015
  • EAGE Distinguished Lecture: Simultaneous Source Acquisition and Processing Ray Abma (BP, Houston) May 28th 2015


  • SEG/AAPG Distinguished Lecturer:       Geophysical Inversion: Which Model Do You Want? S. Constable (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) Nov 2016
  • SEG Europe Honorary Lecture 2016: Infusing rock physics into seismic inversion Michael A.C. Kemper (Ikon Science) May 2016


EAGE-SEG Italian Section: Rocks, fluids, and Bayes’ rule:  how to quantitatively characterize the subsurface Dario Grana 2017


SEG Honorary Lectures: Vasconcelos (Full-wavefield focusing in seismic imaging), Distinguished Instructor Short Courses (Kurt Marfurt: Seismic Attributes as the Framework for Data Integration throughout the Oilfield Life Cycle 2018




  • 2019 3Q/4Q Distinguished Lecturer: Practical insights and techniques in seismic velocity estimation by John T. Etgen (BP – Houston, Texas, USA)