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The Gustavo Sclocchi Award is a joint initiative between SPE – Italian Section, Assorisorse and EAGE to encourage and reward young professionals at the beginning of their career in the Industry and Academia.

The award was established in 1993 and is associated with the late Gustavo Sclocchi, Eni since 2001 the executive, who was the main promoter of the event and which this year has reached its 29th edition. By means of this prize the sponsoring associations incentive the graduates who presented a very good quality thesis, in terms of usefulness, significance, originality and innovation.

In the first years, the theses submitted were centred on geosciences and petroleum engineering. Nowadays, the evolution of the Energy industry broadens the subjects into the contest: transitioning from the predominance of fossil fuels to a new energy paradigm, many theses are about renewables, circular economy, carbon management and new energy vectors.

This is concurrent with an increase of the number of thesis submitted along the years, testifying an increasing interest in energy related themes.

In 2022, 65 professionals and researchers from all over the world have participated to the contest. A special thanks to the colleagues and friends who supported us in the evaluation of such a great number of theses. Their contribution has been crucial for the success of the initiative.

1 – Along the years, the Committee received a total number of 850 thesis, 150 of them has been awarded of first prizes or special mentions.

2 – the award ceremony

The event has been introduced by Alberto Guadagnini, Full Professor of Hydraulic Engineering and Director of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, representing the Politecnico di Milano.

3- awarding the graduates

Paolo Carnevale, for SPE Italian Chapter and Nicola Pajola, for EAGE-SEG Italy, have introduced the associations remarking the importance of this prize.

Members of the students chapter have attended the ceremony, along with representatives of the three associations and graduates. The participation to the ceremony was possible also through Webex; thanks to this, one of the winners participated from a SemiSub drilling rig deployed somewhere in the world for an exploration activity.

The roundtable that followed the event was about the transitioning energy sector. Since the majority of the theses represent a milestone between study and working life, the discussion was about the point of view of a young professional who starts working with a strong consciousness of the incoming challenges for the energy industry.

Questions and answers were about the new fluids, like Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide, which are a leit motiv in the theses, about the increasing interest on bio fuels and about the new challenges that subsurface engineers and scientists are facing when dealing with Carbon Capture and Sequestration.

The exchange of knowledge out of the office, without bias given by hierarchies and by job titles, resulted in a very interesting discussion on energy related subjects. The video of the event is available on the social networks channels of the associations.

4- networking moment

A networking moment followed the event, for a de-briefing to facilitate informal interactions between graduates, professors and professionals.



Name Theses Title University / Institution Theses Degree
Biondi Ettore Target-oriented elastic full-waveform inversion California Institute of Technology PhD Project
Petrelli Marina Holistic MILP microgrid planning for rural electrification Politecnico di Milano PhD Project
Brandolin Francesco Seismic velocity tomography with Deep Image Prior Università degli Studi di Trieste Master of Science
Lener Alberto Foundational Study of Artificial Intelligence Reservoir Simulation by Integrating Digital Core Technology and Logging data to Optimise Recovery University of Aberdeen Bachelor of Science
Rabbeni Pietro Regional modelling of the Italian energy system in long term scenarios: towards high-RES shares through sector coupling by hydrogen exploitation Politecnico di Milano Master of Science





Theses Title

University / Institution

Theses Degree



Electrification of the heat supply in batch processes through heat pumps: application in the brewery industry

Università degli Studi di Padova

Master of Science

Di Bella




Multi-Objective Optimization to identify carbon neutrality scenarios for the Italian electric system

Politecnico di Milano

Master of Science



A comparison of machine learning algorithms for the inversion of Rayleigh Wave dispersion curves

Università di Pisa

Master of Science



Supercritical CO2 cycles for flexible power generation: techno-economic optimization and part-load operational strategies

Politecnico di Milano

PhD Project



Investigation of microscale fracture opening in host inclusion systems

Università degli Studi di Pavia

Master of Science



Injectors damaging mechanisms in a giant oil field

Politecnico di Torino

2nd level Master



Reaching carbon neutrality through CO2 injection for EOR

Politecnico di Torino

2nd level Master



Downhole Monitoring Methods for Carbon Capture and Storage Projects

Politecnico di Torino

2nd level Master

It is a great honor to receive the “Gustavo Sclocchi Award” for my Ph.D. work at the Stanford Exploration Project. The future energy challenges must be addressed with novel methods and analysis tools. This award is a great opportunity to motivate researchers and students to continue doing fundamental research in the field. I am elated that my work has been recognized with this honor.

Ettore Biondi

PhD Student

I am honoured to have received the Gustavo Slocchi Award, being not only an academic achievement, but a recognition from a unique collaboration for its strategic role in stimulating innovation within the Oil and Gas sector as invaluable segment of our Energy security and transition towards prosperity of the wider societal scope. Humbly accepting this Award, I thank the organisation for standing tall on the scope of the evolution of know how and participation in this field of education.

Alberto Lener

Bsc Student

Getting your work to be worth of the Gustavo Sclocchi Award is a great motivation to continue to push your research and studies. It provides a great platform to expose your capabilities to industry experts and it will help broaden your professional network.

Francesco Brandolin

Msc student

I am honoured to receive the Gustavo Sclocchi award, as it represents a recognition of the efforts and the commitment of the past few years and proves that research in sustainable development is key to a better future.

Marina Petrelli

PhD Student

The Gustavo Sclocchi award is definitely the most prestigious award I have ever received and I am grateful for this opportunity. Indeed, It represents the greatest recognition of nine months hard work with many ups and downs.
Finally, I would like to live this moment as an additional opportunity to meet new colleagues, to deepen their projects and to stimulate innovation through knowledge exchange, especially in the energy field.

Pietro Rabbeni

Msc Student