Published 23 June 2021

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39th National Conference “GNGTS” Report

linkedinyoutubeRealised byHere you can find the link for many interesting seminars performed during GNGTS 2021Here the link for the "General Assembly""Terremoti e faglie: lezioni dal passato e modelli per il futuro"Here the link for the complete playlist of recorded...

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Verbale Premio AGLC “Licio Cernobori”

linkedinyoutubePremio AGLC 'Licio Cernobori' associato al 39° Convegno del Gruppo Nazionale di Geofisica della Terra Solida GNGTS22-24 giugno 2021  Trieste 18 Giugno 2021, L’Associazione per la Geofisica Licio Cernobori – AGLC ha nominato una commissione composta da...

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The 28th Sclocchi Award has been a great edition! Over 70 professionals and researchers applied for the Theses Award from all around Europe. This has been for us an impressive achievement! The awards were assigned to the best theses in geosciences and petroleum engineering presented by any university and diploma graduates and PhD students from Italian universities as well as by Italian nationals graduated abroad. Beyond the traditional disciplines, also renewable energy, alternative feedstocks for green refinery, energy economy and management are part of the award categories. Additional information and references to award-winning theses will be published on the Italian Section «SPE Bulletin», on «EAGE First Break» journal, and on Any further information on the event will be posted on a dedicated page by the EAGE-SEG Italian Section at