ChattingWith: Intervista a Massimo Fervari


Pubblicato il 30 set 2020

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39th National Conference “GNGTS” Report

linkedinyoutubeRealised byHere you can find the link for many interesting seminars performed during GNGTS 2021Here the link for the "General Assembly""Terremoti e faglie: lezioni dal passato e modelli per il futuro"Here the link for the complete playlist of recorded...

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Verbale Premio AGLC “Licio Cernobori”

linkedinyoutubePremio AGLC 'Licio Cernobori' associato al 39° Convegno del Gruppo Nazionale di Geofisica della Terra Solida GNGTS22-24 giugno 2021  Trieste 18 Giugno 2021, L’Associazione per la Geofisica Licio Cernobori – AGLC ha nominato una commissione composta da...

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The Italian EAGE-SEG Sectioninterviewed Massimo Fervari about the current applications and future perspectives on Seismic Inversion techniques, a technical topic with enormous implicationson the E&P activities of Energy Companies.Seismic Inversion has several applications and Massimo’s brain is certainly among the most passionate ones to pick. Read the full interview on our website at… Or visit