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Pubblicato il 12 lug 2020

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EAGE 2020 ONLINE Conference & Exibition

La Sezione Italiana EAGE-SEG è lieta di dare ai suoi membri la possibilità di ottenere uno sconto sui costi di iscrizione per la EAGE 2020 ONLINE Conference & Exibition.

Lo sconto viene applicato automaticamente utilizzando il pulsante qui in basso. NB: Lo sconto non si applica alle iscrizioni studentesche.

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Webinar: Microseismic Monitoring: What I have learned in the last four years

In 2016, Peter Duncan presented a two-day overview of microseismic monitoring as he understood it at that time. Over the last four years the application of microseismic data, particularly to the development of unconventional resources through hydraulic fracturing, has made great strides particularly through integration with other reservoir geology and engineering practices. In this course, Duncan will try to bring you up to date on what has been accomplished using case histories of recent projects.

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