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“ChattingWith” Prof. Maurizio Fedi & Dott. Gianluca Gabbriellini – NEW TRENDS OF INTERPRETATION FOR POTENTIAL FIELDS

Potential fields are passive methods. They are based on the measurement of the Earth’s natural gravimetric and magnetic fields. In gravimetry, geophysicists measure the vertical component of the gravitational acceleration vector with great precision. In the case of magnetism, it is possible to measure the three components of the magnetic field vector or, more commonly, a single component called the total field. It refers to the direction of the main field that originates in the liquid outer core of the Earth…

The past is the key to the future: what we have done and we are planning to do

I membri della University of Naples Federico II SEG Student Chapter, sono lieti di invitarvi al webinar “The past is the key to the future: what we have done and we are planning to do”.

Durante l’evento, il nuovo board della SEG Student Chapter illustrerà tutte le attività che sono state svolte nel biennio 2019/2020 ed i progetti relativi a questo nuovo anno. In particolare, una parte del webinar sarà dedicata alla presentazione dei risultati preliminari relativi alle indagini geofisiche condotte durante il corso “SEG Geophysics Field Camp in Southern Italy 2020”.

European Geosciences, Union General Assembly 2021: Pattern recognition and statistical models applied to earthquake occurrence

We would like to cordially invite you to submit an abstract to the session that we are organizing, which, as in previous EGU Assemblies, focuses on the statistical analysis of earthquake occurrence. Session: NH4.4/SM3 Pattern recognition and statistical models applied to earthquake occurrence

28th “Gustavo Sclocchi” Theses Award Announcement

for Philosophy Doctors and University Graduates
in disciplines related to the Energy Industry

To reward outstanding university graduates specializing in areas related to the Energy Industry, SPE Italian Section (Society of Petroleum Engineers), EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers) and Assorisorse (Sustainable Natural Resources and Energy) announce the 28th “Gustavo Sclocchi” Theses Award.

University graduates from Italian universities and Italian nationals graduated abroad who have completed their studies in the period October 1st 2019 to December 31st 2020 are entitled to submit their published thesis for the award.

ChattingWith Image and Sound Processing Lab (ISPL) Department of Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria – Politecnico di Milano

We interviewed Vincenzo Lipari, Paolo Bestagini and Francesco Picetti from the Information and Bioengineering department of the Politecnico di Milano.
They all work on various geophysical activities of the ISPL laboratory. ISPL belongs to the electronics, information and bioengineering department of the Politecnico di Milano.