by | Mar 17, 2020 | Events

Once again a group of Physics and Geology students from Perugia University were selected to take part in the Evolve 2020 project. The SEG-Evolve program is an innovatory on-line program for new Geoscientists who wish to gain experience in multidisciplinary explorative projects using seismic data, core data and well logs.

The students were supported by international experts in the industrial field such as Mike Forest, Allen Bertagne and even by Dr Maurizio Ercoli, tutor at UNIPG. This year the team was made up of six UNIPG scientists working with engineering students from Leoben university in Austria.

“The work between our UNIPG team and our Leoben university colleagues helped us to learn a lot and made this fantastic experience more precious” (Frank Thomas).

The UNIPG group components are:


  • Gjermund Næss (Norway)
  • Marcos Bernabe (Mexico)


  • Flavia Cusumano (Italy)
  • Karla Aline López (Mexico)


  • Andrea Bicocchi (Italy)
  • Frank Thomas, Team Lead (India)

The team worked on an exploratory project in the Taranaki Basin in northern New Zealand using real geophysical/geological data, which were shared in Cloud, belonging to 52 wells, 2D seismic lines and 3D seismic surveys using Landmark’s Decision Space Software.

Such an opportunity was so valuable to widen our knowledge and competence. Thank you SEG for this great opportunity.