Join us in Oslo for the Latest Advances in Marine Acquisition


The Third EAGE Workshop on Marine Acquisition presents another opportunity to present and discuss the latest developments in marine acquisition technology and its applications.  Recently, major global disruptions as well as the energy transition have forced both companies and individuals to rethink their strategies and the corresponding technology demand. Challenges and change can drive innovation in the industry forward. In response, this workshop will explore latest technical innovations in equipment, marine operations and survey design, and look at synergies between traditional exploration and production seismic and geophysical methods needed for new energies applications.  While seismic methods will be the main focus of the workshop, contributions related to other geophysical methods are very welcome.

Workshop Aim

The workshop aims to provide a broad overview on the latest advances in marine acquisition covering seismic source and sensor technology, novel acquisition geometries and survey design solutions, as well as operational aspects.  We would like to share recent experiences and lessons learned from case studies and explore future visions. Applications should cover a wide range from hydrocarbon exploration, infrastructure-led exploration, and reservoir monitoring  to New Energies (e.g., high resolution near surface methods for offshore wind, marine mineral exploration, or CCS monitoring)

Participant Profile

The workshop is suitable for geophysicists, engineers and specialists with an interest in marine geophysical acquisition. Representatives from energy companies, service companies, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as academia will come together to exchange insights on the latest developments and value proposition of marine acquisition. We encourage oral presentations and posters exploring new technologies and discussing recent case studies.

Seismic Source Technology

  • Novel source configurations: Multiple sources, wide tow sources, near offset and zero offset acquisition 
  • Source blending and de-blending technologies
  • Low frequency sources
  • Marine vibrators, continuous sources 
  • Environmental aspects of seismic acquisition

Seismic Acquisition and Modelling

  • Ocean Bottom Seismics
  • Permanent Monitoring (Passive and 4D)
  • Hybrid OBS and Streamer acquisition
  • Advances in survey planning

Non-Seismic Marine Acquisition Technology

  • Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing
  • Gravity, CSEM and Magnetics

New Energy Applications

  • Offshore Wind
  • Marine Minerals
  • CCS Monitoring: cost efficient, high resolution acquisition

Technical Committee

This event is organized with the essential support of the technical committee members. The Technical Committee is composed of industry specialists within the event topic’s area.