Italian Challenge Bowl 2019

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During the next 38th GNGTS National Conference in Rome, 12th to 14th November 2019, the Thirteenth Edition of the Italian Challenge Bowlwill take place, namely the Great Quitz Challenge between Applied Geophysics students.

Students enrolled at European universities of any level are allowed to participate: from BSc to PhD. Those who are enrolled (free of charge) in the EAGE-SEG talian Section, and / or members of EAGE and/or SEG Associations will be preferred.

The competition will be held in English, and is open to graduate and PhD students. Participants enroll in teams of two people, ideally one more experienced in geophysics and one in geology, given the interdisciplinary nature of the questions.


All participants who register by 05/11 will receive a flat rate reimbursement:

  • 100 euros for all teams participating in the race (50 euros per student) without access to the final
  • 250 euro for each of the students in the second-ranked team
  • 450 euro for each student of the winning team.

The winning team will also be able to attend the SEG 2020 congress in Houston, TX, with the expenses reimbursement made vailable by the EAGE-SEG Italian Section.


The maximum number of allowed teams for this competition is 16, registrations will be closed once this number is reached.

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