RELUIS CALLS FOR SELECTION TO AWARD N.1 SCHOLARSHIP FOR RESEARCH ACTIVITIES ON “Good practices in civil protection and disaster risk reduction”


The Laboratories University Network of seismic engineering (ReLUIS), founded with conventional act signed on 17th of April of 2003, is a interuniversity consortium with the purpose to coordinate the University Laboratories activity of seismic engineering, giving scientific, organizational, technical and financial supports to associated University and promoting their participation to scientific and technological orientated activities in seismic engineering area, accordant with national and international research plans in this area.
Coordination action promotes the partnerships between University, Private University, interuniversity centres (henceforth indicated with the term “University”) between them and with other research institutes and industries and promotes the development of seismic engineering laboratories according this statute, with activity of knowledge generation and circulation.
The consortium is a scientific interlocutor of different governmental, regional, provincial and council agencies and of public and private institutes to get tangible objectives concerning vulnerability and risk evaluation and reduction.
All the scholars belonging to the associated consortium structures, at the moment of acknowledgment to the consortium or belonging to foundation for founder members, that take care of problems concerning seismic engineering, can associate and participate in Consortium activity, cooperating in interdisciplinary way.
The consortium has the main office in Naples, c.o. Dipartimento di Analisi e Progettazione Strutturale, University of Naples “Federico II”. The consortium is a nonprofit organization.
Founder and pertaining members are:
Successive members:
Besides has been signed an agreement with ENEA UTS Materials and new technology, Rome (Casaccia).

ReLUIS Inter-University Consortium is looking for 1 motivated researcher to strengthen its activities in the field of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) (scholarship)