Autori: Alessandro Vinciguerra, Giusi Ruggiero, Matteo Tavoletti, Juan Luis Porras Loria.

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Student Chapter (SC) at the University of Pisa (UNIPI) was founded in 2009 with the support of the Emeritus Professor Alfredo Mazzotti, President of the master’s degree course in Exploration and Applied Geophysics at UNIPI, at the time.

Since its foundation, the Student Chapter was aimed at: promoting the interest in Geophysics, enhancing the competences and abilities of the students of the above-mentioned master’s degree course; encouraging cooperation among its members and with other Student Chapters supporting the exchange of ideas and knowledge about geophysical disciplines. Every year, the main positions are renovated recruiting new students as Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer; the President is chosen among the PhD students in Pisa.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, last Academic Year lessons were only in distance-mode. For this reason, the Student Chapter created a virtual meeting room where students could meet and participate to the periodic conferences organized to enhance cooperation and to make them know each other.

Thanks to the dense network of cooperation boasted by the Department of Earth Sciences of the UNIPI with other universities and companies, the SC could participate in the organization of online seminars and daily activities for the acquisition of geophysical data.


Professor Robert Scholger, from the Montan University of Leoben (with whom is active a Double Degree Program), was invited by the SC to deliver a webinar focused on Geophysical Potential Fields. In particular, he covered the employment of magnetic methods in mineral exploration.

Professor Azadeh Hojat (‘visiting Professor’ at the Politecnico di Milano) hold a webinar focused on Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) as monitoring tool for river levees to prevent structural collapses.

Thanks to the solid academic-industry cooperation, geophysicists of Eni are invited every year to present their projects and research activities. Specifically, this year Doctors Davide Della Moretta and Davide Baldini held a series of telematic seminars focused on Carbon Capture Storage and on the application of Artificial Intelligence to support real-time interpretation of well-log data.


Campaign of acquisition 2021

Despite the pandemic, it was possible to organize a field campaign aimed at acquiring geophysical data, in joint participation with the Politecnico di Milano. The students acquired: reflection and refraction seismic data, electrical resistivity tomography ones, medium and high frequency GPR data, as well magnetometric and gravimetric data. This was an opportunity for the students to acquire experience in geophysical improving their capabilities and theoretical knowledge achieved during lessons.

In the next few days after the campaign, the students were also involved in telematic meetings with Professors who guided them through the analysis and processing of the acquired data with dedicated software.

The Student Chapter also promoted the Special Project for didactics, economically supported by the University of Pisa and carried out by the Department of Earth Sciences. The students who participated in this project had the possibility to acquire bathymetric and ERT data at the Lake of Massaciuccoli (Lucca).

According to the growing interest for environmental issues, the Chapter will plan initiatives and seminars focused on sustainable development and applications of Geophysics in the energy transition. Interest will be given to geothermal resources and CO2 sequestration. The students will be involved in new activities aimed at geophysical divulgation to increase their knowledge.

The SEG Student Chapter of the University of Pisa will therefore be open for new collaborations and initiatives in Geophysics.


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