Multibeam Mapping with Clara Smart & Nicole Raineault | Nautilus Live

Pubblicato il 14 gen 2015

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2019 SEG Distinguished Lecture Milan – 9th October

DISTINGUISHED LECTURER John T. Etgen (BP, Houston, Texas, USA) PRACTICAL INSIGHTS AND TECHNIQUES IN SEISMIC VELOCITY ESTIMATION 2019 October 9th 3:00 PM (GMT +1) ABSTRACT The estimation of seismic wave speeds plays one of the most important and critical roles in...

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Premio Sclocchi

27th "GUSTAVO SCLOCCHI" THESES AWARD 2019 #spe #eage #eagesegitalia #eagesegsezioneitaliana #assominerariaQuesto premio va alle migliori tesi nell’ambito delle Geoscienze e dell’Ingegneria Petrolifera presentate dai laureati negli atenei italiani e da giovani laureati...

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Multibeam Mapping

Learn more about the hull-mounted Kongsberg multibeam mapping sonar on E/V Nautilus which helps researchers understand the structure of the seafloor and identify dive targets for Ocean Exploration Trust’s remotely operated vehicles.