Photos by Walter Böhm

The Third Italian Challenge Bowl took place in Triest on November 17, 2010. As in the past years, several students participated from various Italian universities: Palermo, Naples, Turin, Ferrara, Padua and Triest. And the second time in three editions, the winner belong to the Naples University “Federico II“, i.e., Davide de Lerma and Simone Ialongo. The won after a hard competition with two outstanding “girls” from Triest, i.e., Arianna Mocnik and Alessia Bortoletto. They have been leading the competition in sequence, and the Naples guys prevailed at the very last question.

The winners will represent Italy at the Grand Final in DEnver, during the SEG Annual Meeting, thanks to the generous support of eni. In addition, from this year also the other students that made it up to the Final will got as a price the reimbursement of the travel and living expenses to attend the Annual Meeting of the Italian EAGE-SEG Section and participate to the Challenge Bowl.

The winners of the past year (Francesco Grigoli and Angelo Sajeva from the University of Pisa) did a good job at the Final in Houston. Thus, good luck to Davide and Simone: now it is your turn!




OK, let us start. Who is Robert Sheriff?



What kind of questions ?!?



Mmmmh, let me see …



Well, let us see if they know this one…



Gianluca Foti’s brain is working …



This question is very difficult …



What is your think? Do we try?



Supporters from Turin are “suffering” for their champions.



The Notary Eugenio Loinger is laughing, but his colleague Fabio Cavallini controls him.



Davide de Lerma and Simone Ialongo consult each other.



Gosh, the others pressed the button faster!



Group photo with the winners.



Massimo Antonelli (left) congratulates Maurizio Fedi (centre), “coach” of the winning Team.



Master of Ceremony and Notary congratulate with the winners, Davide de Lerma and Simone Ialongo.



Final photo for the Challenge Bowl History: Aldo Vesnaver, Davide de Lerma, Simone Ialongo and Eugenio Loinger.